Unlimited 3D-printing


Unlimited 3D-printing technology is based on

combination of our innovative solutions


   Patented kinematics used in RoboPrint unlimited 3D-printing technology

  • price/quality optimal

  • greatly simplifies the 3D-printer design

  • multi-head 3D-printer chassis to speed up 3D-printing

Swarm of 3D-printers

Self-organizing swarm of smart mobile 3D-printers speeds up 3D-printing of large structures (e.g. airplane)

Сборка мост 12.07.2018 55.jpg

3-stage positioning

The new 3-stage positioning technology reduces cost (compare to lidar-based positioning), while keeping high accuracy

Сборка мост 12.07.2018 4.jpg

Interactive model fabrication

The new Interactive model fabrication technology drops cost (compare to traditional high precision massive guides), while keeping precision




  • prototype, tests

  • patented kinematics and two patents pending

  • a pitot project with aircraft manufacturer is on approval