Unlimited 3D-printing

About RoboPrint

Our 3D printing technology allows to manufacture large parts:


  • unlimited size   

  • complex shape

  • the fastest        


We can 3D-print an entire airplane at once

The world first technology of unlimited


3D printing of large parts made of composite materials reduces their weight by up to 30%

In 2050, the number of aviation flights will increase by 7 times

Reducing the weight of air transport by 1 kg improves:

  • environmental friendliness - reduces CO2 emissions by - 300 kg (150 m3) per year

  • profitability - reduces air carrier costs by $ 100 per year

 In the space industry, the savings are $ 1000 per kg.


Unlimited 3D-printing technology is based on

combination of our innovative solutions

  • new kinematics of 3D-printer

  • new smart swarm of mobile 3D-printers

  • new 3-stage positioning technology

  • new Interactive model fabrication

Co-founder, CEO


Co-founder, CTO - composites

5 years of composite technologies in RosAtom, the government corporation; graduated from MAI


10 years of leadership in RosAtom, the government corporation; graduated from MAI



Co-founder, CTO – control systems

10 years of navigation R&D in MPEI; 3 years of tech business CEO; graduated from MPEI


Co-founder, marketing, investment

Managing Partner, CEO (Astarta Capital), Managing Partner (Starta Capital) and Chairman of the Administrative Council (National Association of Business Angels (Private Investors)). MBA, London Met University

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